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October 11, 2007

Just for the record, I don't believe for one second that anyone ever called Steve Miller "The Space Cowboy" or "The Gangster of Love."  I just don't.  They may have called him "Maurice" in that language where "Maurice" means a fat little nerdy guy.




As many of you may know, I am just not a phone person.  Although they are handy for emergencies, I'd really prefer not to use them, the main reason being the extreme lack of being able to do another damned thing while you are on the phone.  Of course, you can do the whole crick-the-neck-to-the-side with the cradle in your neck thing and hope that you don't gouge a button with your chin or something, but that's kind of a pain in the ass.  Also, I can be doing any number of other things and have my family completely ignore me...until the phone rings.  As soon as I am on the phone, particularly if it's a call of any importance whatsoever, everyone who I ever married or gave birth to suddenly needs critical attention specifically from me at that very moment.  Eric likes to interview me about who's on the phone and what they want.  It's not a controlling thing, but an extreme curiosity thing since I try to never be on the phone.  The bottom line is that when I'm on the phone, I end up having to have about 15 different conversations at once and it makes me crazy.  I try to use as few words as possible, "LOOK!  SEE?  PHONE!  HAND!  Don't make words until I'm done!"  Then they stand around and look enormously pained until I'm finally finished and can hear the news that was so vital that my conversation needed to be interrupted.  Usually it's "The dog wants in," or "There's a new opening to Spongebob!!" or "Have you seen my wallet?" or "Do I have any socks clean" or some other equally as critical, just can't wait five minutes bit of information.

That's why email works better for me. I can read it at my leisure, answer it at my leisure and as long as words aren't coming out of my mouth, no one in this house needs me (or my uterus with the built in tracking device for all of their missing possessions). 

This morning, the phone rang off the hook from 7am on.  The 7am call was the lady who already works for the transcription company I'm starting with, wanting to know when my training begins.  Then Eric's engineer (cad drawings, not locomotives) called.  Then one of the ladies from the community called with a question.  Then David (my son) called to tell me that one of his applicants is from Grizzly Flats (that was the best call!).  During that call, Eric actually picked up the phone from upstairs to interrupt my conversation with David to ask me why the phone was ringing so much.    I discussed phone etiquette after the call and he made the "You're on your period, aren't you?" face that told me he was blowing off everything I said and that further discussion was fairly useless (even though it was highly desired on my part).  I'm not on my period.  It just ended, thank you very much.

Isn't interesting that women apparently have no points to make and no reason to ever be frustrated or angry for an entire week out of every month?

Then Eric's electrician friend called to compare notes about a job and then my friend, Marcia, called (she doesn't internet, silly woman) to finalize plans for the Spaghetti Dinner Benefit tomorrow night, during which time Eric not only came downstairs to tell me that he needed to use the phone, but emailed me to tell me he needed to use the phone.  (It was after the email that he got the phone etiquette talk and I got the "you're on your period" look) 

So with all the phone activity, the "worst news ever" was the call from the community lady who immediately said that she needed my help.  I promptly informed her that (exact words), "The next person who wants me to do one fucking thing for them is going to end up eating their own eyeballs, so if you're feeling brave, go ahead."  I'm a little *done* with the whole community involvement thing and ready to close down shop for a while.  Anyway, she told me she needed someone with a video camera because she had to have a 15 minute tape by Tuesday.  Evidently, her nomination of Grizzly Flats as the coolest place to live in America was accepted for consideration in the finals.  That's nice and all, so I directed her to the Grizzly Flats scrapbook on my website, Grizzly Flats Online and told her if she needed any photos, she could get them there.  She also wanted me to get the Queens together for a group photo and I told her that after Founder's Day, I could say with all authority as Boss Queen that the Queens didn't even want to see each other for months to come, so she was shit out of luck there.  There is, however, a very fine group photo of the Queens in that scrapbook, so she could use that.  No, I don't know anyone with a video camera.  [Note:  She initially referred to us as "The Princesses," which put an icepick up my tailbone and I corrected her through gritted teeth.]

That all being the case, I get an email from another lady in the community and this is one of those that is sent out to a mailing list of a gajillion people.  THIS one informs us that it's OPRAH who is hosting the whole "Coolest Place to Live in America" shindig, so if we win, OPRAH would be coming to Grizzly Flats.  

Face palm.

I really, really don't like Oprah.  I have even written about my white-hot dislike of Oprah.  If Oprah comes to my town, I might have to leave town.  I don't want to leave town.  I like my town.  All in all, so far, it's not shaping up to be that great of a day and it's not even noon yet.

I had to make the sorrowful decision to stop working out with everyone.  It's just taking up too much time when I'm on a time crunch as it is.  By the time everyone gets here and gets started, it's usually around 9:15-9:30, work out for an hour, talk for a bit, they go home, then I eat breakfast and I don't get started on work or the renovation until 11-11:30am.  Plus, I don't feel comfortable with people coming to my house when it's trashed out from painting and peeling wallpaper and stacks of bins to go to the shed and all.  Andrea, I don't really mind because we've been friends for a long time and have passed that point where you don't care if your house looks like ass when they come over.  The other ladies, I really barely know.  Believe me, I'm getting a fine work out from the wallpaper scraping, the painting and the shed clearing.

Plus, I start training for the new job on the 17th at 10am, so I wouldn't be able to exercise then anyway.

The wallpaper removal is going slowly.  It's on different types of surfaces, so in some cases, it peels right off and in others, it has to be scraped a little at a time with a single-edged razor blade.  Painting over it doesn't work because evidently, the best wallpaper remover you can get is paint.  As soon as the second coat goes on, it starts peeling right off.  I have Dif, plus the paper tiger, plus the scraper, but it only works on some of the surfaces and just sits there on others.

So today, I am back to scraping and painting and maybe getting a little further along.  Six days until I have to have it finished. 

David visited on Sunday and was enthusiastically approving of the vinyl tile behind the stove and sink.  That was encouraging.  He also liked how the bathroom turned out.  The paint in the family room is matte, so I won't have to prime first (hurray!).  I am still waiting on the cloud decals for the boys' ceiling and have ordered some bear and pine tree ones for the kitchen.  I wanted these, but none of the listed distributors around here carry them, so I'm kind of assed out.  None on ebay either.

Regardless, it's time for me to get moving on the work. I just found out I also have to trek down the mountain for milk, so I supposed I should really get going.

Photos will come!  Absolutely!

Be particular,

Today's Diva Words:  "Thank you, but I have other plans."
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October 3, 2007


The weekend was pure, unmitigated evil.  Eric had a friend of his over who, for reasons best not discussed here, I don't particularly care for.  He was so understanding about knowing I wasn't going to be into the idea, but really, he had no other choice.  He is at a critical part of the shed construction where he needs two people to do it (framing the roof, which is at about a 50 degree pitch, so pretty steep stuff) and he had no one else to help him.  He even offered to pay Josh to do it and Josh couldn't make it up.  I have to say, out of respect for me, he truly exhausted his alternatives.  So the guy came up Saturday afternoon and no matter how hard I tried, I was uncomfortable the whole time.  It really shows me how connected to and protective of my environment I am and that I need to work on handling my emotions better.  It was definitely a situation where we all would have benefited from me coping with things better than I did.  Eric was very sweet to me about it, but let me know that I might want to reframe my mindset a bit.  I tried, didn't work, lesson learned.

I say "lesson learned" because the negatively got me really, really sick starting Sunday night.  I'd successfully held a head cold at bay since way before Founder's Day and figured it had given up, but that night, with my energy all kinds of invested in being pissy, it got me good.  I spent Sunday cleaning the kids' room profoundly, moving furniture and cleaning every crevice.  It's a much more functional and happy room now. 

Monday, I woke up with the sinus headache to be crowned the King of Pain forever.  My face on fire with the pressure and pain from it.   I spent the day in bed, hiding and sleeping and waking up just to moan and go back to sleep.  I took some Zicam a couple of times and finally started to feel a little better Monday night.  Yesterday, I woke up with no headache, just a runny nose and that I can handle. 

I had to go into town yesterday, which as you folks know, is an adventure that takes up hours of my time.  I mailed out the first new hire paperwork for my new job, just as instructed, took it to Fed Ex and sent it out two day mail (they included a pre-paid envelope) and waited.  Finally, about 4 days later (when I was fully expecting my new transcriptionist computer to land on my doorstep any day), I got a call from the processing lady to told me that I had to redo the entire package because I had signed my name "KRasbold."  Mind you, that's how I always sign my name, but no, they had to have me sign my full name.  *sigh*  So they sent me a new package about 4 days later and I had to fill out the whole thing again and get my social security card and drivers license copied again and then go back to Fed Ex again.  Now I wait to find out if I missed dotting an I or if my paper clips were the wrong color or whatever.  Needless to say, I'm no longer starting my training on the 8th, which is fine with me.  Another week with me having more free time to work on my house is a huge blessing. 

While I was in town, I got the last of the paint and supplies, this time for the boys' room (sort of a periwinkle that's more toward blue than winkle) and Delena's black and dark red, sort of like the background of this webset.  She's painting one wall in her bathroom, plus the beams in her room red, then dabbing on the black with a sea sponge.

When I came home, I got busy on the other shed and only managed to get about halfway through it before it got dark.  The short days are killing me.  I found the tapestries I needed, so that was a real bonus, plus got out a ton of stuff for trash and for the hospice thrift shop.  That gets me well on the way to finishing the job when the new storage shed is ready.

Poor Eric has been working so hard, trying to get the shed done before the rain comes.  Now, on some weather sites, snow is predicted down to 4000 feet (which is us).  It's dark as all get out now and he's out there just hammering away on the roof.  That's in addition to delivering the mail, bidding jobs for the electrical company and being a good husband and dad. 

Today, I took the window blinds (the old slatted ones, not my new, cool bamboo ones) and threw them over the clothesline and turned the Ajax outdoor cleaner stuff onto them.  It took about an hour to get those suckers clean, then I left them out there to dry in the sun while I went in to tackle Delena's room.  I spent an hour and a half just on her bathroom, then eventually made my way through her room.  I started at 11am and by the time she got home at 4pm, I was almost done with the exception of a huge, heaping pile of clean laundry that completed covered her bed.  Her room is much more convenient and functional now that I liberated it of 4 bags of trash, six storage bins and a vacuum cleaner bag of dirt.  I left the laundry for her and she is, in theory, working on it, plus doing a biology lab write up.  Because I had to go in and do her job for her, she has to pay me back the hours I invested.  She's a good sport about it and about all the stuff of hers she had put into storage.  (That's how much she doesn't want to clean her room when it gets bad and boy, does it get bad) 

Now that both kids' rooms are clean and streamlined, I am absolutely determined to keep after them on a day to day basis so that they stay situation.  These kids are wily little things and will find the weirdest ways to junk up their rooms.  I'm going so completely gladiator on this.  It's my new passion.  I'm going to be barking about every little thing that falls on the ground with an unrivaled fierceness.

With Delena's room now cleaned organized, the renovation part of the process is finished and now I'm down to just painting and finishing up the last bit of tiling in the kitchen.  The tiling will go fast.  There's only a little bit left.  Then I paint the walls in the kitchen that same sagey green that I used in the bathroom, then paint the rest of the cupboards the Black Bean color.  I have taken the doors off of the top cupboards for a couple of weeks now just to try out the open cupboard idea and see if I like it.  As it turns out, I absolutely love it.  It looks very pretty and it's extremely convenient.  No more banging my head on the open doors!  My biggest concern, having gotten past the whole "can I keep the shelves showroom straight?" was the degree of dust/dirt that would collect on the shelves and dishes.  As it turns out, there's little or none, so that worked out well.  I'll just pass a damp cloth over the surface once a week or so and it should be good. 

I do need to sand down the areas where the hinges were attached on the cupboard above the stove where I've already painted.  I also have to touch up the (new, yay!) microwave cubby because some of the paint is peeling already because someone (*cough*Eric*cough*) told me that if I painted directly onto paint, I didn't have to prime it first.  Evidently (and we are both learning as we go along here), if you're painting onto latex, priming is good.

So I'll sand a bit and prime a bit and then repaint (all without removing the microwave with any luck). Then the real fun starts.  Once the kitchen is finally done (I started in there first and got distracted), then I get to prime and paint the beams, prime and paint the fireplace after Eric takes out the insert to turn it into the huge, gaping maw look I love, paint some accent areas in the family room (it's matte, so I don't think I'll need to prime, so it'll go fast), paint the boys' ceiling and two walls (leaving 2 white), putting up cloud stickers and Sponge Bob stickers, clean the damned carpets again, then monitoring Delena's painting of her room then, dare I say it?  I'm done!!  Once I get started (tomorrow, if all goes well), I think it's going to roll along quickly and my plan is to be finished by the time I start the new job so that I can relax and settle into it, completely confident that I have a house that is easy to manage and looks a lot better. 

Eric is going to be painting the exterior and trim, adding a railing to the front deck and re-finishing it (he was going to extended, but we decided it would be more practical to use the extra lumber to extend the back deck more than we originally planned since it is better suited to entertaining and the front deck is more of an entryway.  I'm going to trick out the front deck with fountains and plants and statues and such.  Some I have and some, I'll get.  I also heard rumors that Eric is going to paint the fence, which will be nice.  With the weather starting to get unpredictable, he's definitely in a time crunch to get things done.  I'm lucky that all my work, with the exception of putting pretty things on the front deck, is inside.

So that's what's up in my world.  Every day takes me closer to finalizing the renovation.  Every day, my house is more organized and prettier (Although you wouldn't know it from looking at it now.  Since I stayed in Delena's room all day, the outer rooms are in big need of help).  I've had some real blessings in the past few days that have made me really happy and I really look forward to how my life is going.  I hate that I don't have as much computer time as I used to, but I love the results of where I've been investing my energy.  It feels very productive and different that what I am accustomed to doing.  I was really stepping out of my comfort zone to take on a project like this because my sense of style and fashion is almost nonexistent.  My ex-husband used to literally hang my clothes together that went together because I was terrible at finding complimentary combinations.  I took a lot of great advice from people and put it all together with my own tastes and so far, it seems to be working.  Eric seems very happy with the work I've done and I'm eager to get the rest of it done so that I can just snuggle into my finished house and be surrounded by a job well done. 

I will absolutely post photos when it's finished, but right now, the "work in progress" just isn't that impressive.  It appears that everything is going to happen all at once in a flurry of active days and then, suddenly be done.  That's how harvest rolls, I guess.  You work in the fields and sweat and ache (Speaking of aching, Andrea and I did an exercise ball work out today that kills.  I'm very sore!) and cuss and then, all of a sudden, you're on your last row and the harvest is in. 

Right now, I need dinner, a shower and a soak in the hot tub and I'll be set for the night!

Be particular,

Today's Diva Words:  "The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep." 

OK, I don't know if Robert Frost was a Diva, but I'll take it.

September 26, 2007

Happy birthday, Mom.  I miss you.

She would have turned 65 today.

I have been almost taking the week off, at least in comparison to previous weeks.  I'm not getting enough sleep at night.  The quality is great, it's the quantity that is lacking.  For some reason situations conspire to keep me up to 11pm (or beyond) and having to get up at 5:30am does not make sufficient sleep for me.  Anything less than my solid 8 hours and I'm wholly compromised the next day.  Getting 6-6.5 just doesn't make it for me.  I nap between 6:30-7:30, but it's not really good sleep; more like desperate, clingy, "don't ever leave me, I'll do anything, just stay" sleep.

I went to the store this morning to get a few provisions and now I have to get my house in some kind of shape (to show how tired I am, I just typed "sleep" instead of "shape" the first time) and get laundry finished.  I haven't been able to do anything different on the house as far as remodeling and none of the need to get that done went away.  If anything, as October looms, it grows more necessary to get it done.  I'm going to have to find my turbo button and get moving on those things.  It's a pain to do that when all I want to do is climb into bed and sleep the day away.

I can't believe it is already Wednesday.  Monday and Tuesday melted away...somewhere with me accomplishing virtually nothing. 

I will have some Founder's Day photos, as well as pictures from when we took the boys and Delena to the circus on Sunday.  Sunday was an almost tear-evokingly perfect day.  Then Monday hit and was a wreck.  Oh well.  The wheel continue to turn.

Be particular,


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